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Investment Partners for High-ROI Real Estate

Tonks & Kimble™ is a real estate investment company that acquires and manages income-generating properties for investors seeking to partner on large acquisitions. This collaborative business model allows everyday investors access to institutional-grade real estate opportunities, and includes a focus on mergers and acquisitions. Tonks & Kimble™ works with regional partners to ensure that each investment receives the highest level of care, and investors can achieve near-term and long-term cashflow by adding multi-unit properties to their investment portfolio.

Return On Investment

Our investments, mergers & acquisitions are carefully calibrated to generate maximum long-term and near-term revenue for our investors. We’ll work with you to identify projected cashflow and target appreciation.

Tax Incentives

Not only can real estate investments bring cashflow, they afford a savvy investor a variety of tax advantages. Reduce your taxable obligations by working with our team to identify unique real estate-enabled incentives.

Partnered Investments

We afford every investor institutional-grade real estate opportunities by forming and managing investing partnerships. Partner with a team of investors we assemble to close profitable deals together.

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We’re always working hard to bring top-quality opportunities to our investors. Be the first to know when we open funding rounds for lucrative new properties.

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Working with Tonks & Kimble has exceeded my expectations. I have invested in 2 properties so far because of their commitment, transparency and vision, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.  

Shari G // North Carolina

Pioneered By Entrepreneurs

Tonks & Kimble® was founded by Jonathan Tonks and Kyle Kimble, two dedicated entrepreneurs operating out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jonathan and Kyle, as well as their third partner, Jakob, who specializes in mergers & acquisitions, bring their extensive real estate and investing experience to the table to serve their clients and close top-tier deals. They are dedicated to creating investment opportunities that open new doors for investment partners of all portfolio sizes.

Working with trusted partners

To bring you top investments

Our business structure and dedicated regional partners mean that you’re putting your investments in good hands. We’ll work with you every step of the way to find real estate opportunities that create and secure generational wealth for you and your family.